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■ Why no coverage of the places of interest in Feilding and Palmy on 4th January? 8 days later and nothing! Where is your public responsibility? Pitiful. MJ ■ The locations were announced on Tuesday evening, January 11 and published on Stuff promptly. This was too late for our print deadline for Wednesday’s Standard, but were included in our front page article on Thursday. – Editor ■ Great news re Highflyers eye sore, under a Sale & Purchase Agreement. Let’s hope it’s not fake news from Mayor Grant Smith. Better not hold my breath, eh? ■ Bit of a shake here Wednesday night from Stratford, the alpine fault is cooking, quite a few ones out at sea lately, I knew a woman who could sense the electricity in the air before a quake struck. ■ Voices for Freedom, I love the propaganda. AMr Goebbels would be very proud. Malcolm ■ Anonymous texter with a ‘‘wet bus ticket’’ fetish: I’mglad you’re not a judge. Punishment and revenge are not synonyms for justice. R1100 ■ Re Memorial Park. Am a Feilding resident and went past the park yesterday and was so impressed on what I saw. Well done Palmerston North City Council. Keep it up.