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Summer has never needed much of a marketing campaign. It pretty much sells itself. But then a pandemic slammed into the planet, climate change turned the months from December to March into a rainy, humid mess and it seemed easier to hunker down, setting our alarms for winter 2022. In an attempt to fall back in love with summer, Sharon Stephenson asked nine experts what they love about the season. The chef – Martin Bosley The name Martin Bosley is synonymous with good food because for 35-plus years, Bosley owned a number of award-winning Wellington restaurants. He nowmanages Yellow Brick Road, aMa¯ori-owned sustainable seafood business. What do you love about summer? It’s a time when food rules seem less important. Cooking becomes a case of letting the spirit run free, knowing I’ll be forgiven any misdemeanours because I have a grateful audience. Your favourite summer foods: A key ingredient in my summer meal kit is a jar of what I call Salsa Creosa – amix of pickles with a deeply piquant quality that makes everything – from salads, ceviche, grilled meat and fish – taste good. Seafood is an obvious favourite and the barbecue flame rarely goes out. Any summer cooking tips? If in doubt, Dijon mustardmakes everything taste better! Let your imagination run free and have a few recipes on hand for a casual lunch or a larger meal. Keep it simple. The fashion designer – Erica Gadsby The founder and director of ReCreate Clothing, an ethical and sustainable label based in Te Awamutu, is all about marrying the fashion industry with making a positive impact. Erica Gadsby juggles two young children with her eight-year-old business. What do you love about summer? Life somehow seems so much brighter and better in summer – I love the sun, getting sweaty during a hard day’s work in the garden and the freedom to leave the house without extra layers of clothing. Your favourite summer activities: I love heading into the bush for peace and natural beauty. My favourite spots in theWaikato are Pirongia Forest Park, Ruakuri Cave and Mangapohue Natural Bridge near Waitomo. What should we be wearing? My go-to summer style is simplicity and natural fabrics. For a few months of the year we get to strip back without all the layers and let our skin breathe. I love a simply cut, plaincoloured T-shirt or singlet combined with a statement bottom – widelegged pants or an interesting, tailored pair of shorts that suit your body. Women can’t go wrong with an oversized dress, whether that’s a wide body, a balloon sleeve or a statement length. Choose fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo and linen which are not only nice on your skin, they also leave the lightest possible footprint.