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Themeteorologist – Lewis Ferris Having grown up in Cromwell, Lewis Ferris, a communications meteorologist atWellington’sMetService, knows all about long, hot summers. What do you love about summer? The long daylight hours, as I’mforever trying to sneak in some sort of activity after work, whether it’s a swim at the beach, a bike ride or even a beer in the sunshine. Your favourite summery activities: When I was growing up, with teacher parents, road trips were our summer holiday. I’ve carried this into my adult life and in the last handful of summers have visited numerous DOC campsites. The road trips are always accompanied by a bag full of cameras loaded with several different film stock. Rural Aotearoa is a goldmine for the scenes I enjoy photographing. What canwe expect the weather to do this summer? This summer we’re forecast to be under the influence of the La Nina climate pattern, which increases the risk of low pressure systems (possible ex-tropical cyclones) approaching us from the north. Just because that risk is increased doesn’t mean it will happen and nor does it mean we won’t get typical weather systems from the southwest. Themixologist – Mikey Ball Bar tender, consultant and the Auckland founder of pre-mixed cocktail company Ballin’ Drinks, Mikey Ball is never short of beverage recommendations. What do you love about summer? Even though I’mmore of a winter/ snow person, I love getting out and doing things like running, swimming, eating and drinking on repeat. Your favourite summer activities: I head to the far north, Raglan or Golden Bay – anywhere close to the beach that seems to run on a different time schedule. It’s the best way to unwind and get a few days of chilling out over the break. I love getting out for a swim, surf or spot of fishing. What will you be drinking? I’mchoosing light and refreshing tipples as these are ideal stress busters for the year that was/is – things like fortified wines and aperitivo-style drinks. I’ve had lots of time to taste-test during lockdown and am excited about new releases such as sour beers, hazies and lagers as well as some amazing emerging local spirits. The nutritionist – Anna Summerfield As you’d expect, registered dietitian Anna Summerfield loves good food. The Wellingtonian is a firmbeliever in enjoyingameal with wha¯nau and friends. What do you love about summer? Growing up in Gizzy, summer was always the most beautiful time of year. Early sunrisesmade it easier to get up in the morning and late sunsetsmeant more hours to spend enjoying the last of the sun. Your favourite summer activities: Summer for me is about eating icecream, especially the frozen goodies from Duck Island Ice Cream. They cater to lactose-sensitive tummies with their dairy-free range as well as vegan-friendly options. I live in Evans Bay, so a great summer weekend activity is heading to Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli for coffee. What should we be eating? I tell my clients that summer eating should be no different to the rest of the year. Make the most of beautiful seasonal produce by popping fresh berries on your breakfast or pavlova or snack on melon. You might naturally gravitate towards ‘‘lighter’’ foods but see what feels best for you on any given day. Also, lean into the increased social eating that often comes with the festive season. Themakeup artist/ hair stylist – Claudia Rodrigues Originally from Brazil, Claudia Rodrigues has called Aotearoa home for almost 30 years. Based in Auckland, Rodrigues has worked in television, film and magazines. What do you love about summer? It’s always been my favourite season because everything feels more relaxed. Plus, cold beer is so much nicer on a hot summer’s day! Your favourite summer activities: I love swimming in the sea, lying in the sun (fully protected with SPF, of course), sunset walks on the beach and al fresco entertaining. What kind of makeup should we be using this summer? This is the season for less makeup, lighter foundations, fresher colours and textures. Let’s give our fullcoverage products, matte powders and dark colours a well-deserved holiday. SPF-tinted moisturisers that can be used by both men and women are in because we can all benefit from sun protection and amore even complexion. For night, a light moisturising foundation can give women a bit more coverage without looking heavy. Subtle pink and peach coloured blushes are also good, applied on the apples of the cheeks and lightly on the bridge of the nose for a sun-kissed effect. The surf life saver – Luke Smith Luke Smith has been involved in surf life saving since he was 4 years old. Christchurch-based Smith is now the southern region sportmanager for Surf Life Saving New Zealand and a volunteer surf lifeguard at the Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club. What do you love about summer? Summer for me revolves around the water. We’re lucky to have such magnificent beaches in New Zealand. Your favourite summer activities: I enjoy surfing at Taylors, or wherever there are waves. Howshould we keep safe at the beach this summer? My advice is to always choose a lifeguarded beach, swim between the red and yellow flags and know your limits – too many people get into trouble in the water because they overestimate their abilities and underestimate the conditions. When you’re at the beach, come and have a chat with the lifeguards. We love interacting with our local communities and answering any questions about water conditions or how to stay safe. The icecream maker – Hannah Wood Hannah Wood founded Little ’Lato, a bespoke gelato bar in Auckland, in 2017 after learning how tomake the creamy stuff at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. What do you love about summer? I adore sunshine – it always puts a smile on my face and makes everything more enjoyable. Your favourite summer activities: Summer to me is icecream at the beach. When I was a kid, my father would entice me to go for a beach walk with the promise of icecream. I fell in love with the beach because there’s something so relaxing about being near the water. The dream is to hire a house by the sea with good mates and chill, swim, read and enjoy good food and wine. Having a business that’s busiest during summer means that’s not always possible. What flavours should we be eating this summer? It’s hugely subjective but my favourites are Speculoos (aka Biscoff) and roasted hazelnut gelato because they’re utterly delicious and take me back to Europe where I learned the craft of gelato. My top sellers are mango lassi and peanut butter chocolate – two plant-based options that have a refreshing/indulgent kick. If you’re in the mood for something fruity, the black doris plum sorbet should hit the spot. The psychologist – Sara Chatwin Sara Chatwin is a registered psychologist based in Auckland. She aims to ‘‘demystify psychology and help people feel OK about sharing their stuff and getting help’’. What do you love about summer? Warmer temperatures seem to bring out the warmth in humans. Science supports the fact that when the weather is good, people are more energised, active and have a greater sense of wellbeing. Science and psychology aside, it’s great to be able to get outside and have a swim and a barbecue; as a psychologist, I’m very much a proponent of quality chill time. Howcan summer help our mental health? We’ve had such a phenomenal amount of change and disruption in the past few years. So this summer I’d suggest injecting a little of what you like into your life, whether that’s a special meal, a favourite podcast or being out in the sunshine. And don’t forget about exercise, which is essential to maintaining good mental health. Being active not only gives you a sense of achievement, it also boosts the chemicals in your brain that put you in a good mood and help eliminate low mood, anxiety and stress.