Nelson Mail - 2021-11-26



National News

1: Which instrument is NOT a brass instrument? French horn; trumpet; trombone; or oboe. 2: The pelican is the world’s largest bird. True or false? 3: You might need a compass to do which of these? Kite-surfing; abseiling; bungyjumping; or orienteering. 4: In Poland, what is zloty? Cheese; grass; bread; or money 5: Jacinda Ardern is New Zealand’s . . . Governor-general; chancellor; president; or prime minister. 6: A goldendoodle is a golden retriever crossed with a . . . poodle; beagle; dachshund; or jack russell. 7: Which colour hat does Papa Smurf wear? Blue; green; white; or red. 8: In ancient Rome, a centurion was a . . . Politician; soldier; slave; or cook. 9: In The Secret Life of Pets film, which type of animal are Max and Duke? Guinea pigs; cats; birds; or dogs. 10: Sumo originated in which country? Japan; Greece; United States; or Egypt.


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