The Dominion Post - 2021-11-26


Signs not officially welcome


Piers Fuller

Some venues are knowingly putting bogus Unite Against Covid-19 posters up at their doors, while others are shocked they have unwittingly put up fake signs. The posters are branded in yellow stripes, similar to the Government’s Covid-19 imagery, and carry the words ‘‘All welcome, vaxed and unvaxed – our business does not discriminate’’. Nicole Duke of The Perching Parrot cafe in Paekākāriki, said she knew the sign on her door was not official, but it was a message she supported. Meanwhile, in Christchurch, Qubed Coffee House owner Elisa Graham was shocked to find her sign was not legitimate and took it down as soon as she realised. ‘‘They look exactly like the Government’s signs. I don’t want to do anything wrong and promote something up there that I’m not supposed to.’’ A spokesperson for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Covid-19 Group said anyone misusing official Unite Against Covid-19 branding risked being in breach of Crown copyright, among other offences. Duke said if she had to remove the signs, she would have her own ones designed in a different style. The Government’s traffic light system is set to come into force on December 3, and venues will have to decide whether they opt into the vaccine certificate system, which will allow them to operate with fewer restrictions. Duke said her cafe would not be opting in because she couldn’t ‘‘in good conscience’’ exclude people.


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