The Dominion Post - 2021-11-26


Black Friday a shopping favourite with buyers

Advertising Feature

It’s become Kiwis’ favourite day to shop. Black Friday sales in recent years have out-stripped even Boxing Day as the day we hit the shops and hunt for bargains. Paymark figures showed $253 million was spent on the single day of Black Friday in 2019, which is the most recent year we have specific figures for. If you include the full weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the amount spent boomed to $650 million. In contrast, Boxing Day that year saw shoppers spend $150 million. Last year, Paymark said the amount spent over Black Friday weekend increased, though it did not release the exact dollars spent. And this year is expected to be even bigger. Black Friday has its origins as a retail sales and shopping day in the USA where it is linked to Thanksgiving celebrations. It began to be adopted here in 2015 and has become the kick-off for our Christmas shopping season. Business adviser Toss Grumley of Wolf & Fox has told Stuff that Black Friday is growing in popularity because it suits shoppers and retailers. For shoppers it makes sense because of its timing before Christmas when we’re looking for presents. ‘‘You do a big blast, chuck in a few things for yourself,’’ Grumley said. And while Boxing Day still sees ‘‘big box’’ retailers offering deals, smaller retailers tended to take holidays themselves and stay closed, but Black Friday worked for them. ‘‘Everybody’s getting in on Black Friday and feeling like they have to do something, from small to large. Like little New Zealand fashion brands don’t do a Boxing Day sale, they’re all doing Black Friday,’’ Grumley said. AMP Capital consumer research showed 72 per cent of customers were looking to shop in-store on Black Friday, compared with 59 per cent online. Ian Douglas, a director at The Village Goldsmith in Wellington’s CBD, is one retailer who has found Black Friday has had an impact. He told Stuff: ‘‘What we’ve found is Black Friday sales have put people in spending mode earlier.’’ Campbell Junor, who runs Alchemy Equipment stores in Wellington, agreed that there is a spike in spending during and following the Black Friday sales. ‘‘Black Friday has changed habits in Christmas spending.’’ Today we’re bringing you this special advertising feature to showcase some of the deals you can snap up on Black Friday. And remember, shop local and support your community.


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