The Dominion Post - 2021-11-26


Flawed law-making

Opinion Letters

I note columnist Ben Thomas (These mandates are too important to be rushed, Nov 25) cited as an example of the problems with rushed legislation the 2004 amendments to the Holidays Act, which turned out to be flawed, resulting in large back payments to employees being required. As far as I am aware, that particular piece of legislation on the Holidays Act was not passed under urgency and went through all the normal parliamentary processes before it was passed, and still the legislation was subsequently found to be flawed. This demonstrates it is not the passing of legislation under urgency that is the problem, but the expertise and care needed to get any legislation right before it becomes law. Bearing in mind the heated political atmosphere that any legislation on the pandemic has engendered, you can be sure the Labour Government took all reasonable care and advice before pushing the legislation through. Roger Dowling, Lower Hutt


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