The Dominion Post - 2021-11-26


No laughing matter

Opinion Letters

I was disturbed to read Dave Armstrong’s Two cheers for the Three Waters reform (Nov 23). He happily admits his knowledge of Wellington’s water hasn’t progressed much since he was a 12-yearold schoolboy. Yes, we now know that for decades the Wellington region has underinvested in the region’s water supplies, stormwater and wastewater – but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country’s networks are broken. Napier residents have safely drunk pristine, artesian water for generations free of chlorine. We have a mayor and councillors who are working hard to ensure we can continue to do so, once Napier qualifies for exemption from mandatory chlorination. Armstrong suggests that maybe the four unwieldy water companies run by anonymous bureaucrats will do a better job of enabling ‘‘more local input’’. Does he seriously believe that? Here in Napier we are to be lumped in with 21 other councils from East Cape down to Wellington and including Marlborough. The heading on the column is a joke, but this is no laughing matter. Pauline Doyle, Napier


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