The Dominion Post - 2021-11-26


Responsibility to others

Opinion Letters

Nicholas Hancox (Letters, Nov 25) forgets a very important aspect when he refers to ‘‘basic civil liberties and inalienable human rights’’. With these liberties and rights come civil responsibilities. People have a right to abstain from vaccination but also a responsibility not to pass on this virus to others. Hence the unvaccinated person must accept that they stay away from situations where they may catch the virus and spread it to others more vulnerable than they may be. There are many laws which ‘‘surrender the individual’s sovereignty over their body’’. I would quickly be removed, possibly arrested for indecent exposure, if I strolled down Lambton Quay in the nude no matter how hot it was. It is my responsibility not to act in an offensive manner. The new laws around Covid-19 are made to protect us all. We should all do our part to keep everyone safe. Janet E Nimmo, Waikanae


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