Cancer treatment



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In 2019 I had a choice of oncology (radiation and chemotherapy) or urology (surgical) for the treatment of prostate cancer. I chose surgery and on reading the dilemma faced by cancer patients in Thursday’s Press ,Iam relieved that I did. Following surgery in January 2020, the news was not good and an oncologist told me I should get my affairs in order. Two years on, my PSA score continues to be undetectable and I am in robust health. The urologists have provided me with excellent service and I am looking forward to my follow-up appointment in two weeks. I count myself very fortunate indeed in the decision that I had made. What has also been interesting is to experience the tension between the oncologists and urologists as each sought to give me advice, but as an informed person with the support of my wife I was able to make up my own mind. The question I have is what has the cancer agency been doing all this time? And the CDHB? Where is the evidence of long-term forward planning supported by action? Why have people been sitting on their well-paid hands? The answer to these rhetorical questions is quite simple. This is yet again further evidence of underfunding and underinvestment in public healthcare by successive governments. Until the public speaks out and puts pressure on our politicians, especially with another election year looming, nothing will change in the long run. Michael Gousmett, Rangiora (abridged)