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Across 1. What is a large Spanish estate with a house? (8) 7. What colour did Mary, Queen of Scots wear in mourning for her French husband? (5) 8. In which city was inventor Alexander Graham Bell born? (9) 9. What is the juvenile stage of the newt? (3) 10. Which electronics company introduced the “Walkman” portable cassette tape player? (4) 11. What is the stationary part of an electric motor or generator? (6) 13. feet as well as her hands in concrete in Hollywood? (7,6) 15. The North American lynx Felis rufus is better known as what? (6) 16. Claudication is when one walks with a what? (4) 18. Combined with other words, what means “new”? (3) 20. Which clarinettist’s biggest hit was “Stranger On the Shore”? (5,4) 21. How might one address a man in Spain? (5) 22. England’s Blackpool looks out on what water body? (5,3) Down 1. Where are Roman messenger god Mercury’s wings? (5) 2. What red Italian wine is named after some mountains? (7) 3. From which island did Napoleon escape in 1815? (4) 4. Which acerbic American writer wrote “Men seldom make passes / At girls who wear glasses”? (7,6) 5. What is the vertical section between treads of a staircase? (5) 6. According to a 1969 Perry Como hit song, the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are where? (7) 7. In the late 1700s, which American inventor (Eli ___) conceived the idea of mass-producing interchangeable parts? (7) 12. In the US, what is a railway carriage with a lounge and other amenities? (4,3) 13. What language gave us the word tobacco? (7) 14. Which electronics company introduced the compact audio cassette tape? (7) 15. Despite the folklore, who (Daniel ___) never wore a coonskin hat? (5) 17. What word from Hindi means “proper” or “genuine”? (5) 19 Who is the Greek messenger goddess of the rainbow? (4)