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// WATCH Perhaps crudely described as being like Top Gear for wine, The Wine Show follows actors Matthew Goode (The Crown) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans), as they learn about wine. Now in the third season, it has beautiful landscapes, handy information, interesting people and two friends who do not mind being a bit silly together (although that might be the vino talking). So forget Top Gear, and think The Trip, with less eating. Streaming on Neon now. // wear Is it really summer if you do not pull out a pair of Birks? Once the domain of the not-sosartorially aware, these days, the comfy sandals are hard to beat. This summer, the traditional two-strap design is available in a lightweight, waterproof version, made from EVA (ethylenevinyl acetate) which is light, but good at cushioning your feet, and available in a bold, colour palette. $100 from birkenstock.co.nz // Listen If you have spent any time in the UK, you’ll know Bowman’s voice. She’s a bit of a legend when it comes to covering music and film, and the clever Scot has managed to combine the two for her awardwinning podcast, Soundtracking. Each week, she interviews filmmakers, musicians, actors and composers to talk about the music behind some of the biggest productions. Recent guests include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hans Zimmer, Jared Leto, St Vincent, Emma Stone and only Steven flipping Spielberg.