Transatlantic Titans



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A stroll along Hollywood's Walk of Fame shows the depth of British talent that has made it big across the Atlantic over the years. • Sir Charlie Chaplin, a Londoner, was a titan of the movie industry in the silent era. • Cary Grant was born in Bristol before moving to New York as a teenager to pursue his acting dream. He established himself as a leading man in the 1930s, a status he retained for decades. • David Niven moved to Hollywood before World War II and caught the eye of studio boss Samuel Goldwyn. • British thespians found a home away from home at the Hollywood Cricket Club, founded by the actor C Aubrey Smith in 1932. Boris Karloff, the horror star, and Laurence Olivier, would turn out to play for the team while Olivia de Havilland, the Oscarwinning actress best known for Gone with the Wind, could be found in the pavilion. • Behind the camera Alfred Hitchcock, who was born above his parents' grocer's shop in east London, became one of the most influential figures in cinema, as did Croydon-born David Lean.